Guanshan Lake District: Education Helps Poverty, Ambition and Wisdom

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Guanshan Lake District Education Bureau art education poverty alleviation demonstration site.

Help the poor first, and help the poor. In recent years, the Guanshan Lake District has implemented the "education zone" strategy, insisted on taking education out of poverty as a political task and a "top leader" project, promoted the extension of high-quality education resources to rural areas, and promoted the work of education and poverty alleviation. The combination of education and intellectual support allows each child to receive a fair and quality education.

Art education builds a bridge for education

The students of Wenggong Primary School sang "Spring Wind" in unison, praising the beautiful scrolls of spring with the pure voice; the students of Jinhua Middle School performed the dance "I am a snowflake from heaven", and the light dance was fascinating. "Flannel Flowers", immersive interpretation of beautiful and vivid; students from Changchong Elementary School sang "Little Stars" with ukuleles, beautiful notes jumping on the strings ... On December 29, 2019, Guanshan Lake District Education Bureau "Tackling the tough" series of art education poverty alleviation demonstrations were held.

"This is a grateful and dream-building performance. It is a key to opening the door to art and self-confidence for rural students. It is also a demonstration of the achievements of the district since the implementation of art education to help the poor." Guanshan Lake District Youth Art Education Center training Counseling Director Ding Lingli said.

In 2018, the Guanshan Lake District Youth Art Education Center conducted a survey of schools in towns in the district and learned that 18 of the 3 towns in the district lacked art teachers. In order to reduce the urban-rural gap and the inter-school gap, so that each student can enjoy the opportunity to receive aesthetic education, the Education Bureau of Guanshan Lake District adapted to local conditions, and responded to the shortage of art education teachers in rural schools. The district formulated the "Implementation Plan for the Poverty Alleviation Action of Art Education in Guanshan Lake District" and related supporting management systems, adopted the implementation of the "three-in-one" project, and implemented the "nine in one" action. The Guanshan Lake District Youth Art Education Center arranged 8 Art teachers, appointed to help Zhuchang Middle School, Zhuchang Primary School, Changchong Primary School, Jinhua Middle School, Cangpo Primary School, Xiafu Primary School, Xiafu Primary School, Wenggong Primary School and other 8 rural schools without art teachers. In addition to regularly conducting related courses, professional teachers also help schools establish various art communities, and allocate more than 100,000 yuan to rural schools to purchase teaching equipment and teaching aids needed for art education.

Over the past year, the Poverty Alleviation Action for Art Education has opened the door to art for more than 300 rural primary and middle school students in Guanshan Lake District through a “silent and silent” approach, and has contributed to the integrated development of urban and rural art education in Guanshan Lake District.

Promoting targeted poverty alleviation by art education is one of the measures to implement the targeted poverty alleviation action of regional education in Guanshan Lake District.

In recent years, Guanshan Lake District has made great efforts in the implementation of regional education targeted poverty alleviation efforts, and has formulated the "Education Poverty Reduction Work Plan of Guanshan Lake District Education Bureau in 2019", "Guanshan Lake District Education Poverty Alleviation Work System" and "Guanshan Lake District Education" The “2019 Spring Offensive Action Plan for Poverty Alleviation and Tackling Toughness of the State Council”, and set up a working leading group with the Secretary of the Party Committee and the Director of the Education Bureau of Guanshan Lake District, the team members as deputy team leaders, and the heads of various sections as members. In charge of the pattern of specific leadership and coordination of various departments.

With regard to the implementation of special education assistance programs, the Guanshan Lake District Education Bureau, while doing a thorough survey of school-age children, has also actively engaged in school-aged children with disabilities or enrolled in classes, and "sent to the door"; combined with moral education in primary and secondary schools, In physical education and other courses, a mental health counseling center for minors is established at the district level, a mental health counseling room is established in the school, and various forms of mental health publicity and education activities are carried out to help students develop their physical and mental health.

Nutrition plan-based to help students build health

At 12.15 noon on December 27, they walked into the canteen of Lindong Middle School in Jinhua Town. Students lined up, holding plates in hand, waiting for the aunt in the cafeteria to distribute the rice.

"Every lunch is two soups, one soup and one soup, and the taste is good. I recently found that I have grown a lot." Said Kang Yurou, a third-grade student who was waiting for cooking.

Lin Huan Middle School principal Wang Huarong, who accompanied the meal, introduced that Lin Dong Middle School began implementing a nutrition improvement plan in 2015. Every day, the cafeteria dishes are uniformly distributed by the company that is recruited by the Guanshan Lake District Education Bureau every year. "The school carefully understands the students' preferences and dislikes. Favorite dishes are made every Friday and posted next week's recipes. The meals used are not only nutritious and healthy, but also in line with the tastes of students. "

The nutrition improvement plan for rural compulsory education students is a popular project, a moral administration project, and a sunshine project that benefited the students of Guangzhou University. Starting in the spring semester of 2015, the Guanshan Lake District has implemented a comprehensive nutrition improvement plan for rural compulsory education students. In September 2016, the implementation of a nutrition improvement plan for children in preschool education in rural areas was started and incorporated into the unified management of nutrition improvement plan for compulsory education students: during the compulsory education stage, students were provided with a three-course, one-nutrition nutrition lunch every day, and during the pre-school education period, preschool children were daily "Two meals two points".

In specific work, the Education Bureau of Guanshan Lake District strictly implemented the “Four Uniforms” government procurement of raw materials for nutritious meals. Through public bidding, suppliers were identified, and distribution centers were established. The distribution centers were able to purchase, match, and deliver uniformly, effectively reducing school cafeterias. The intermediate link of raw materials procurement. At the same time, through the construction of a "transparent kitchen", supervisory departments at all levels can use terminal equipment such as computers and mobile phones to conduct timely supervision and overtime supervision of all aspects of meal supply to better ensure the safety of funds and food safety.

According to statistics, in the spring semester of 2019, 10,905 rural students in 26 primary and secondary schools in 3 towns and 3,956 rural children in 25 preschool education institutions ate a rich nutritional lunch; in the fall semester of 2019, cumulative It benefits 11052 primary and secondary school students and 3,500 young children.

It is worth mentioning that the price of pork nationwide rose sharply some time ago. The compressors at Guanshan Lake District Education Bureau had more than 100,000 yuan. From November this year to the end of the autumn semester of 2019, the number of school members in the three towns of the district was less than 200. Eight rural primary schools and 14 rural preschool education institutions provide a daily meat subsidy of 100 yuan to ensure a balanced nutritional diet for students and directly benefit 2622 rural compulsory education students and preschool children.

Established "Spring Breeze Class" to escort education for targeted poverty alleviation

"Ammonia reacts with water to form ammonia monohydrate." Entering the 14th chemistry class in the first high school of Guanshan Lake District First High School, students are reviewing and reviewing the relevant knowledge of ammonia.

"Being able to enter the" Spring Breeze Class "is a rare opportunity. Although I was assigned to Class B in August this year, with my own efforts and the help of my classmates, I will work towards Class A!" Du Zucheng, a student of Mai Village, said with confidence.

"The 30 outstanding junior high school graduates recruited by our school for rural poverty-stricken areas each year will enter the" Spring Breeze Class. "Said Wang Rong, director of the Teaching Affairs Office of Guanshan Lake District First Senior Middle School, after entering the school, regardless of the curriculum, The educational conditions are the same as those of other students enrolled in the school. "The school adopts a flexible and hierarchical teaching mechanism, and students with rapid progress and strong learning ability can be promoted to levels."

In addition to the No. 1 Senior Middle School in Guanshan Lake District, starting in autumn 2018, Guanshan Lake District has also opened a high school “Spring Wind Class” in Guiyang School affiliated to Beijing Normal University. Each student of the “Spring Wind Class” in these two schools can enjoy 2000 yuan living allowance per year. At present, a total of 120 students have enjoyed the policy in two sessions, and a total of 240,000 yuan has been implemented.

Establishing the "Spring Breeze Class" in high school, and doing a good job of subsidizing the education for the poor students, is a great measure to continuously explore and innovate in Guanshan Lake District, escort education to help the poor.

Not only that, in recent years, the Guanshan Lake District has been doing a good job of supporting students and earnestly improving the guarantee of schooling for poor students. On the one hand, policy documents are issued and Guiyang City ’s “Education for the People Policy Clear Card” is issued to increase the publicity of education and poverty alleviation policies to ensure that everyone knows the policies; on the other hand, a “green channel” for student funding is opened throughout the year to protect Impoverished students such as the establishment of rural file registration cards have no barriers to enrollment, ensuring that poor students "have books and learn with ease". Actively and vigorously issue various types of subsidies to achieve full coverage of subsidies for poor students enrolled in schools in Guanshan Lake District to effectively ensure barrier-free admission for poor students.

According to statistics, in 2019, the education system of Guanshan Lake District issued a total of 2.173727 million yuan in subsidies for students from families with financial difficulties in all levels, benefiting 3,431 person-times from families with financial difficulties; a total of 171,750 yuan was exempted from the cost of books and boarding for poor students. 335 students.

"In the next step, we will continue to carry out student aid work such as summer college freshman admissions, and in conjunction with the implementation of education funding policies, we will increase the number of poverty-stricken households (including poverty relief households), subsistence allowances, disabled students, and rural residents The poverty-stricken aid students and other families of children in difficult families are assisted in education, and the entire school is covered by a student subsidy policy to ensure that poor students in the area receive accurate and effective assistance. "Guanshanhu District Education Bureau official said. Correspondent Zhang Tingwen / Picture

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