Guiyang a dirt truck collided with a car and deformed the car and injured one person

来源:贵州都市报 Release time: 2019-12-31 09:35 Source: Guizhou Metropolis Daily

"It's scary, my feet are still shaking now." At about 2 pm on December 30, a car accident happened in the middle of Corolla Road, Guihui Avenue , Guiyang. A dirt truck collided with a car. The car He was eventually reached on the roadside pole before stopping, and one person was injured in the accident.

After 2 pm on December 30, when a city news reporter passed the middle section of Corolla Road, Guihui Avenue, he saw a dirt car parked on a slow lane. On the road behind the dirt car, there was a 32-meter-long brake mark. Especially eye-catching.

Forty-five meters in front of the muck, a white car embracing the lamppost on the side of the road, the front of the car was almost scrapped, and the left side of the car was bumped unevenly. The red car paint of the dirt car is also stuck on the white car body.

According to Ms. Tan, the driver of the car, she was driving on the road normally and was suddenly hit by a dirt truck. The vehicle hit a street light pole. Ms. Tan's mother was injured in the arm and was taken to Xiaohe Hospital.

"I don't know what happened." The driver of the dump truck said that he didn't see the car at that time. When he heard a loud noise before realizing that there was a collision, he immediately took emergency braking. After the car stopped, it was discovered that the car had hit a lamppost on the side of the road.

Both parties have reported the alarm and are waiting for the traffic police and insurance company staff to go to the scene to deal with it.

(Urban News Reporter Tian Rusen Photography Report)

Editor-in-chief: Gao Chunchun

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