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In 2019, China, with its rock-solid confidence, striving for strength and perseverance, has stepped forward one step at a time by pushing forward the great cause of no-one before. The world has witnessed that no matter how complex and serious the risks and challenges at home and abroad are, they cannot change the firm confidence, stability and calmness of the Chinese people in pursuing their beautiful dreams.

In the world in 2019, there is a question that has attracted much attention: is China a big country in the East that is bred by 5,000 years of brilliant civilization, and a socialist country that has achieved glorious achievements through 70 years of hard work? Is it a partner or an opponent? Opportunity or threat? The facts give the answer: China's development is beneficial to the world, and China's increasingly close cooperation with other countries is a global blessing.

In December 2019, China and the United States reached a first-phase economic and trade agreement on the basis of equality and mutual respect. On both sides of the Pacific Ocean and the world as a whole, the market immediately responded positively. Both sides are welcome to move forward in the direction of solving the problem. As President Xi Jinping pointed out: "In the context of the extremely complicated international environment, the conclusion of such an agreement between China and the United States is beneficial to China, the United States, and peace and prosperity of the entire world."

One side is the need for cooperation and the opportunity for win-win, the other is the escalation of friction and the risk of confrontation, which constitute a very unusual reality of economic globalization. All this has given the world a deep understanding of the keynote speech delivered by President Xi Jinping at the opening ceremony of the 2017 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland-"Economic globalization is the objective requirement for the development of social productive forces and the inevitable result of scientific and technological progress" The result of fighting a trade war can only be a loss of both. "No matter how difficult it is, it will not stop human beings." "If you encounter difficulties, don't blame yourself, don't blame others, don't give up confidence, don't evade responsibility, but instead Together we will overcome the difficulties "... the light of thought illuminates the way forward. It seems today that people can feel the significance of this Chinese declaration on adapting to and guiding economic globalization.

For more than 40 years, precisely because of its courage to march into the world market, China has seized an important period of strategic opportunities for development. Today, China's development is still in the period of important strategic opportunities. The bell rings in 2020, and China's new prospects for building a well-off society are attracting worldwide attention. The world has cast a "vote of confidence" on China's economy, and looks forward to seizing the historical opportunity of common development with China, which is transforming, upgrading and expanding its opening up.


In the era of economic globalization, the development of any big country cannot be separated from the background of international relations. Stable Sino-U.S. Relations bring development opportunities to each other and the world as an example.

"How many things are never anxious; the world is changing, the time is pressing. Ten thousand years is too long, only for the day and night." The handed down words still reflect the reality today. In 1972, US President Nixon embarked on an ice-breaking journey. At that time, although China and the United States "cannot bridge the gap between us", they are determined to "try to build a bridge so that we can negotiate over it." Nixon quoted Chairman Mao Zedong's "Man Jiang Red" in a toast at the welcome banquet, and extended: "Now is the time to fight for the day and night. It is the people of our two countries who can build a new and better world. It's high time for the great realm. "

Looking at the original heart of history, we can gain important inspiration. Whether it was breaking the ice of isolation, achieving a handshake across the Pacific, or overcoming difficulties and managing differences today, it requires extraordinary strategic vision and excellent political wisdom.

The turn of the great powers is inevitable. Strategic choice tests the determination. What is the backbone? Cooperate with each other rather than conflict with each other and promote each other rather than contain each other. Former U.S. President Clinton reviewed the 8-year practice of developing relations with China during his tenure, and already had the answer: "A strong, stable, and prosperous China, a China that plays an active role in Asia and the world, for the United States, is crucial."

Today, looking at the Sino-US economic and trade frictions that have lasted for more than a year, people can better understand the reality that economy and technology have united the world into one, and Sino-US interests have become more integrated. Differences will inevitably arise during cooperation. The key question is: what to do?

Needless to say, power cannot crush justice, rationality must not be absent, and cooperation is the best choice. The United States has provoked a trade war with China. China will never succumb to any extreme pressure, and resolutely defend the core national interests and the fundamental interests of the people. "Hit" without fear; "Talk" with patience. China always maintains rationality and calmness. Starting from safeguarding the common interests of the two countries and the overall interests of the world trade order, China persists in solving problems through dialogue and consultation, responds to the concerns raised by the United States with the greatest patience and sincerity, and strives to properly handle differences and overcome differences. Difficulties, put forward pragmatic solutions, and make arduous efforts to promote bilateral economic and trade consultations.

Why did "ping pong diplomacy" bring "win-win" more than 40 years ago? The United States once said: "There is one of the biggest winners here. It is more important than who wins the table tennis match. This biggest winner ... is the friendship between the people of the United States and China." This is a wisdom conclusion that can inspire future generations. . Practice for more than 40 years has repeatedly proven that creating opportunities for maximizing the common interests of China and the United States is the right path, and that a win-win situation for all nations in the world is the ultimate pursuit worth pursuing.

"History tells us that if we embark on the path of confrontation, whether it is the Cold War, the Hot War or the Trade War, there will be no real winners. As long as countries treat each other as equals, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation, there will be no problems that cannot be resolved through negotiation." President Xi Jinping's in-depth interpretation of the abstract hooked mysterious clouds.

The fact that China and the United States have reached the first stage of the economic and trade agreement has shown that as long as the two parties always grasp the mainstream of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in China and the United States, and always respect the dignity, sovereignty, and core interests of the other country, they can overcome the difficulties in the process of progress. Under historical conditions, China-US economic and trade relations have moved forward, benefiting both countries and their peoples.


Chaotic clouds flew over, and the stormy waves hit the shore. The world is experiencing unprecedented changes in a century. The tide of economic globalization is rolling forward, while undercurrents of unilateralism and protectionism are surging. In such a situation, who can steer the course of development and grasp development opportunities, who can bravely become the tide of the world economy.

The key to crossing dangerous beaches and crossing barriers is to concentrate on doing your own business. The spirit of Jinggangshan, the spirit of the Long March, the spirit of Yan'an, the spirit of "two bombs and one star", the spirit of the iron man, the spirit of the special zone, the spirit of manned aerospace ... The Chinese spirit, which has stood the ground, has been passed down from generation to generation, forming the spirit of rejuvenating the country and strengthening the country Soul, demonstrating the unstoppable heroism of Aoyama. At present, the Chinese people are faced with difficulties and become more and more brave, turning external pressure into a powerful driving force to deepen reform and expand opening up. The Chinese economy is constantly creating opportunities for development, expanding the space for development, and maintaining the basic trend of stability and long-term improvement.

"There is no glory to wait for, but the splendor of spelling it!" China's becoming the world's second-largest economy is by no means a gift, but the entire Chinese people have built up bricks and bricks with hard-working hands. Looking back on the history of moving struggles in the 70 years since the founding of New China, no force can stop the Chinese nation from moving forward. The Chinese people are constantly struggling, and China will be unstoppable.

Because of doing everything on your own, China, which once "cannot build a car, an airplane, a tank, or a tractor," has developed into the world's most complete modern industry in just a few decades. Country of the system. 61 years after the birth of the first domestic general-purpose digital electronic computer, the number of Chinese supercomputers on the Fortune 500 list has been ranked No. 1 in the world four times; the patent law was born less than 35 years ago, and the number of invention patent applications and effective invention patents exceeded 100 10 years; the first high-speed rail opened to the public 11 years, the operating mileage of high-speed rail exceeded 35,000 kilometers, more than two-thirds of the total mileage of the world's high-speed rail; Beidou system has achieved 18 satellite launches of 30 battles in two years, refreshing the global satellite navigation system group The world record of internet speed ... The Chinese people are working hard, and they are struggling to build an industrial and innovative country.

Because we are doing our own business in a down-to-earth manner, the problem of absolute poverty that has existed in the Chinese nation for thousands of years is being resolved historically. In 2019, more than 90% of poor counties in China are expected to take off their hats, and about 95% of the current standard of poor people will be lifted out of poverty. In 2020, the issue of absolute poverty will come to an end. Behind the numbers is the story of China's poverty-stricken people who are warming to the heart. Today, the "cliff village" in Liangshan, Sichuan, steel ladders replaced rattan ladders, freight ropeways replaced people's backs and shoulders, and "Cloud Primary School" opened the highway and 4G signals. Connected to the world; Yunnan "Binghua Boy" bid farewell to Binghua, foreign media praised that "in the pursuit of the Chinese dream, no one can be less" ... from "boil the day" to "run the day", a word of difference, earth-shaking Variety. More than 2.8 million cadres and first clerks in the village ran with the hard-working people and pursued dreams together. American scholar Robert Kuhn said that the most important factor for the "unprecedented success" of China's economic miracle and poverty alleviation is the strong unified leadership and correct decision-making of the Communist Party of China.

Because of doing its own thing well, China can continue to tap its potential, release its vitality, and continually increase its power to manage change. China adheres to the general keynote of progress in stability, adheres to the main line of supply-side structural reform, promotes high-quality development, and does a good job of the "six stability" to maintain sustainable and healthy economic and social development. The progress of the main indicators of the "13th Five-Year Plan" In line with expectations, major progress has been made in building a well-off society in an all-round way. In the first three quarters of this year, GDP grew by 6.2% year-on-year, and the growth rate ranked among the top in the world's major economies. Particularly valuable is that when some countries are affected by the trend of counter-globalization and are hesitant to choose whether to open or close, China still firmly chooses to continue to open up—the establishment of six new free trade pilot zones has negative market access. The list has been reduced by 20 items compared with last year. The national version and free trade zone version of the negative list of foreign investment access have been reduced to 40 and 37, respectively, to promote the high-quality development of trade and continue to optimize the business environment.

The period of strategic opportunities for China's development will not come out of thin air. Internal causes are fundamental, and external causes work through internal causes. As long as we do our own business and achieve common development in cooperation with other countries in the world, we can create and extend the period of strategic opportunities for development. Some scholars believe that the period of strategic opportunities for China's development has begun to "endogenize", and China's ability to actively shape and stabilize the external environment and maintain important strategic opportunity periods has continued to improve.

Millions and thousands of hits are still strong, and all winds from east to west and north to south. Although there are more and more unstable and uncertain factors in the international situation, and external challenges and shocks have kept China under pressure, the Chinese government and people are as stable and calm as possible. Looking back at the road you have traveled, comparing the roads of others and looking at the road ahead, China knows clearly where it comes from and where it is going. Adhering to a development path that is in line with China's national conditions, China will always maintain the correct direction and maintain its development momentum.


Development is China's top priority. As a big country that has been bullied and humiliated in history, the goal of China's development is to win dignity and security, and to make people who have experienced suffering live a good life. China has never wanted to threaten, challenge or replace anyone, let alone dominate the king.

As early as the 1950s, Chairman Mao Zedong urged: "China will become a great power and be amiable."

In 1992, Comrade Deng Xiaoping clearly stated: "Socialist China should demonstrate to the world in practice that China is opposed to hegemonism and power politics and will never seek hegemony. China is a staunch force for maintaining world peace."

Standing in the new historical direction of China's development, President Xi Jinping profoundly explained the relationship between China and the world today. "We proposed the Chinese dream of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but this dream is by no means a 'hegemonic dream." Realizing the Chinese dream brings opportunities to the world, not threats, peace to turbulence, and progress to retrogression. "

Dream chasing ceaselessly, the pursuit of peace will never change. At this point, the world is becoming increasingly clear. China's path of peaceful development is not a diplomatic rhetoric or an expedient measure, but an organic unification of self-confidence and practical consciousness. It is a firm strategic choice and solemn commitment. On the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the leaders of 178 countries and the heads of 36 international and regional organizations warmly congratulated and appreciated and appreciated China's achievements and China's contribution.

Human civilization has a long history, and "national strength must hegemonize" should not become the iron law of history. However, seeing China increasingly approaching the center of the world stage, there are always some people in the world, either out of ideological prejudice or out of arrogance of power politics. Do n’t apply the development logic of some Western countries to distort and discredit China, and chatter. Render the so-called "China threat". Those who use the backward, narrow, one-sided view of the world to see the world can neither see the progress of history, the trend of the times, nor the future of mankind.

Since ancient times, China has advocated "do not be strong, do not indulge in wealth," "do not want others, do not do anything to others." It is always China's unwavering national will to actively strive for a peaceful international environment to develop itself, and to better maintain world peace and promote common development with its own development. Former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew commented, "China's peaceful rise will not pose a threat to any country, but will use its vibrant and noble national culture to ignite the light of human civilization."

It is the aspirations and responsibilities of the Chinese Communists to seek happiness for the people, for the revival of the nation, and for the unity of the world. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, no matter how the international situation changes, China has always followed the path of peaceful development and has always pursued an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has proposed a series of important ideas and initiatives to promote the building of a community of shared future for mankind, the promotion of a new type of international relations, the co-construction of the “Belt and Road”, a righteous view of justice, a new view of security, a view of global governance, and a view of civilization To continuously contribute to China's wisdom and China's plan to maintain world peace and promote common development.

The Chinese dream is closely connected with the world dream. The period of strategic opportunities for China's development is also a period of strategic opportunities for China and global partners to develop together. As international observers put it: "A stable China is the biggest source of stability in a world full of uncertainty. This is true today, and it will remain so for a long time in the future."


Former French Prime Minister Raffarin wrote in his new book Dialectical Look at China: "We are all closely related to the Chinese economy, and trade protectionism that lags China's economic development will hinder global economic development." Hundred American scholars in this year An open letter to the US President and Congress also states: "Attempting to dissociate China from the global economy ... will harm the economic interests of all nations."

International people of insight are very clear about an indisputable fact in today's world: a good world can make China good; a good China can make the world better.

China's development is good for the world, and time is the best proof. China never engages in the negative confrontation of the winner-take-all, zero-sum game. When the world economy ship faces the turbulent waves caused by the cyclical economic crisis of Western countries, China has repeatedly become an important anchor of stability. "China is a model in responding to the global economic crisis." Nicholas Lardy, a scholar at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in the United States, said in a 2009 Congressional hearing. That year, China's contribution to global economic growth reached 50%, which was hailed as "a beacon in the fog of the global economy" by international people.

In 1978, China's contribution to world economic growth was only 2.3%. Today, China has ranked first in the world for its contribution to world economic growth for many years. According to the "World Economic Situation and Outlook 2018" report released by the United Nations, the average annual contribution rate of China to world economic growth over the past five years exceeds the total contribution rate of the United States, the euro area and Japan over the same period. Stephen Roach, a senior researcher at Yale University in the United States, pointed out with emotion that global growth was "made in China."

Since the reform and opening up, more than 800 million poor people in China have emerged from poverty, accounting for more than 70% of the global total. This is the first time in human history to bring such a large population to the poverty line, and it has written a great miracle in the history of human poverty reduction. Foreign scholars pointed out: "When writing historians of our time in the future historians, one of the feature chapters is likely to be China's precision poverty alleviation."

Throughout the world, poverty has always been a persistent disease that plagued the development process, and often goes hand in hand with crisis of survival and social unrest. Eradicating poverty means safeguarding the right to subsistence and development and protecting the primary human rights. Examining China's development experience from this perspective is even more precious. In the long-term exploration and practice, China has formed a new development concept of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing, which has increasingly produced a wide range of demonstration effects. Looking eastward, the world not only values China's spillover development dividend, but also actively learns from China's development experience. The international community recognizes that China's development experience has boosted confidence in global development, broadened the path of global development, and ignited hope for less developed countries and regions.


With a population of nearly 1.4 billion, China has the largest middle-income group in the world, with a huge market size and huge potential, and its prospects are limitless. International observers lamented: "Despite concerns about the lack of political trust between China and the United States (West), there is a huge common interest between China and the United States (West). No country will abandon the Chinese market."

The story of the Chinese people and people of other countries, "I have you, and I have you" has become a story around millions of people. In the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, besides German, Mandarin is the most commonly heard-more than 12% of visitors are from China, and Chinese tourists are the largest source of foreign visitors. More impressively, Mercedes-Benz's sales in the Chinese market account for 28% of its global sales. Germany became a destination country for Chinese citizens' group outbound tourism in 2002. Mercedes-Benz established China Co., Ltd. only 33 years ago. These data map China's geometrically-growing outbound tourism and automotive consumer markets.

"The strong and sustained growth of China's middle-income group and increasing income will provide huge market opportunities for consumer companies in various industries around the world." The report released by the US McKinsey & Company wrote. Even in the context of Sino-US economic and trade frictions, American companies such as Tesla, General Electric, and Starbucks continue to increase their investment in China. It is also remarkable that the German chemical giant BASF invested in a US $ 10 billion petrochemical base project in China in November this year, becoming the company's largest foreign investment project in more than 150 years.

At the 2nd China International Import Expo, the cumulative intent turnover reached USD 71.13 billion. According to the latest United Nations Global Investment Trend Monitoring Report, China attracted US $ 73 billion in foreign investment in the first half of 2019, continuing to become the world's second largest inflow of foreign investment and developing economies with the largest inflow of foreign investment. These two "more than 70 billion US dollars" represent the world's recognition of the dividends and openness of the Chinese market, and represent confidence in the Chinese economy.

China has consistently and actively promoted a high level of openness. Not only has it exceeded all the commitments made when it joined the World Trade Organization, but the total tariff level has further dropped to 7.5%, far lower than other developing members and emerging market economies. Recently, China has also proactively announced that it will reduce tariffs on some imported goods starting next year. China's business environment ranking rose from 78th to 31st in two years. The "Foreign Investment Law" is about to be implemented to provide foreign investors with a more standardized and favorable investment environment.

The Chinese people hope not only for a good life themselves, but also for the people of other countries. Opening up at a high level has brought tangible results of mutual benefit and win-win results, which reflects the aspirations of China Concord Wanbang and the strength and responsibility of China.


The world today has entered a new period of major development, major changes and major adjustments. A more just and reasonable global governance system is a common expectation of all countries, especially developing countries.

"Countries should adhere to the idea of giving priority to human beings, and should not override self-interest over human interests. We must use a more open mindset and measures to jointly expand the global market cake and the global sharing mechanism. Make global cooperation alive, and work together to make the driving force of economic globalization as large as possible, and the smaller the resistance, the better. "At a critical moment in determining the direction of world development, President Xi Jinping's words reflected the far-sighted Chinese wisdom and pragmatism. China's plan declares China's confidence and determination to continue to open wider and to work to bring more opportunities to world economic growth.

China actively participates in the reform and construction of the global governance system, and strives to fundamentally solve the problems existing in the world economy. As a participant, builder, and contributor to the current international system, China's participation in and promotion of the reform of the global governance system is not aimed at overthrowing and starting anew, but to advance with the times, innovate and improve. China's concept of global economic governance, based on equality, openness-oriented, cooperation-driven, and sharing-oriented, has pointed out the direction for solving the governance system and governance capacity issues worldwide and won the international community. Recognition and support. "A major change in structural transformation has been quietly carried out globally, and China will play the most important role in this change." Said Lagarde, former president of the International Monetary Fund, representing the role of the world in China. Eagerly looking forward.

With open arms, China provides more market opportunities, investment opportunities, and growth opportunities for countries to achieve common development. UN Secretary-General Guterres sincerely expresses his belief in China's commitment to globalization, free trade, and international cooperation, especially to developing countries; China's "Belt and Road" initiative is to fulfill A perfect proof of promise.

In 2019, witnessed a large number of stories of China and its global partners. China and Chile, China and Singapore, and China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement "upgraded" formally came into effect, China and New Zealand concluded negotiations on the upgrade of the Free Trade Agreement, and China signed a Free Trade Agreement with Mauritius. China is negotiating or upgrading negotiations on 11 free trade agreements with 28 countries. China-EU investment agreement negotiations have made positive progress, and the two sides are working towards the goal of reaching a high-level investment agreement next year. China, Japan and South Korea agreed to accelerate the negotiation of the China-Japan-Korea FTA on the basis of the results of the negotiations on the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement, and strive to reach a comprehensive, high-quality, mutually beneficial FTA with its own value. China with open cooperation and many countries that advocate open cooperation are getting closer and closer in the tide of economic globalization, and the world for common development between China and the world is becoming wider and wider.

As we approach 2020, it is time to make a wish for the future. It is everyone ’s wish that China and the United States signed the first phase of the economic and trade agreement. It is even more desirable for everyone to build an open world economy that is “holding hands” instead of “releasing hands” and “demolition walls” instead of “building walls”.

Seizing the historical opportunity and working together for common development have turned the aspirations of people around the world for a better life into reality. This is a great progressive cause that spans races, beliefs, and countries.

Always stay with me, just fight day and night. There is no end to development, so we should work together.

Editor-in-chief: Yang Amin

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