Civil Aviation General Hospital notified the incident of Yang Wen: there is no reduction of free charges for patients

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 31 (Reporter Xia Ke, Ma Xiaodong) On the evening of the 30th, the General Hospital of Civil Aviation notified Dr. Yang Wen of the details of the incident. The person in charge of the hospital said that the 95-year-old patient Sun Moumou's related expenses were settled in accordance with medical insurance regulations, and there was no case of reducing free fees for patients.

General Director of Civil Aviation General Hospital Ping Dingqiong said that after the injury medical incident, the Civil Aviation General Hospital organized the whole hospital to rescue Dr. Yang Wen as soon as possible. Experts conducted consultations with Dr. Yang Wen and participated in treatment. However, Dr. Yang Wen died unfortunately due to the injuries.

According to reports, after the incident, the Civil Aviation General Hospital took Dr. Yang Wen's mother to the hospital, who was in charge of the hospital, was escorted 24 hours a day, and organized a medical team to conduct a detailed examination of his physical condition. On the 27th, the hospital hosted a retrospective meeting for Dr. Yang Wen.

Peng Dingqiong introduced that the 95-year-old patient Sun Moumou was sent to the Civil Aviation General Hospital for treatment by the patient's family through an ambulance at 7:30 on December 4. The family refused to be examined and requested infusion treatment. Dr. Yang Wen, who received the consultation, performed the diagnosis and treatment based on the patient's condition. After the family member signed at 12:50, he took the patient out of the hospital. . During the entire treatment period, the family members have signed off 10 times to refuse the examination and treatment. Nevertheless, with the efforts of medical staff, the patient's infection was controlled, renal dysfunction improved, and electrolytes became normal.

On December 27, the patient's family requested a transfer to the hospital. After completing the relevant procedures, the patient was discharged. "During the entire diagnosis and treatment process, the Civil Aviation General Hospital followed the normal diagnosis and treatment procedures, and patients enjoyed the basic medical insurance policy for urban employee retirees. Relevant expenses are settled in accordance with medical insurance regulations.

Patten said that in order to more objectively evaluate the patient's early diagnosis and treatment process, the Civil Aviation General Hospital requested out-of-hospital experts to conduct consultations on December 26. Relevant experts inspected the patient and reviewed the relevant medical record materials, saying that the initial diagnosis and treatment process was standard and the treatment plan was reasonable, and the patient's condition has improved somewhat when he was admitted to the hospital.

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