Guizhou "1 + 7" People's Livelihood Project Completed Investment of 157.649 Billion Yuan

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The measures for benefiting the people are real, the "three senses of people's livelihood"

——Guizhou promotes the development of people's livelihood with high quality

The people's livelihood matters are related to the vital interests of the people and social harmony and stability. In 2019, Guizhou actively promotes the development of people's livelihood, and the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security is further enhanced.

This year, the people's livelihood security such as employment, education, medical care, and housing increased. From January to November, the province's "ten livelihood facts" have successfully completed the target task, and the remaining two livelihood facts are also in the final stage; the "1 + 7" livelihood project has completed an investment of 157.649 billion yuan; it is estimated that new towns in the whole year An increase of 780,000 people will be employed, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents will continue to increase.

In the field of medical security, Guizhou adheres to the strategic position of giving priority to people's health, and breakthroughs have been made in the construction of healthy Guizhou. The telemedicine network has gradually improved, and the grassroots have gone through the "big data platform" to go through medical procedures and licenses at the terminal. Acute and serious diseases can also be seen in the first time; the total benefit of the poor people who set up a file to see a doctor for medical treatment is more than 160 million person-times, and the contribution rate of health poverty alleviation to poverty alleviation continues to increase; the comprehensive medical supervision platform is completed and operational. In terms of old-age care, Guizhou has issued documents such as "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Elderly Service Industry" and "Guizhou Province's" 13th Five-Year Plan "for the Development of the Aging Industry" and other documents. "Elderly care system.

As of November this year, the number of dropout students in the compulsory education stage in the province has been significantly reduced; by expanding the scope of living allowances for families with financial difficulties in the compulsory education stage, 709 million yuan in living allowances for families with financial difficulties in the urban and rural compulsory education stage have been granted.

Guizhou has implemented the "Double Cultivation" operation among ethnic minorities since 2018. According to incomplete statistics, as of November this year, more than 30,000 poverty-stricken households who have set up files to participate in the "double training" action training, achieved more than 10,000 employed people, and over 20,000 people who got rid of poverty after participating in the training. In 2019, 60,000 people with employment difficulties will be resettled in non-profit positions in the province, 700,000 rural laborers will be transferred, and 400,000 poor laborers will participate in enhanced skills training.

This year, the effectiveness of the construction of "Safe Guizhou" was reflected, and the special campaign to combat evil and get rid of evil won the hearts of the people. At the same time, the reconstruction of rural dilapidated houses has achieved positive results, and provided a large environment for the people to live and work in peace.

For more than a year, our province has focused on cracking down on 10 types of criminal activities, such as threatening political security, controlling grassroots power, bullying the city, inciting trouble, illegal lending, and violent debt collection; we have actively implemented the "three-long responsibility system" and "one case" The "dual investigation" system has cracked 5,986 criminal cases of various types, and seized, frozen, and seized more than 14.2 billion yuan of assets, further enhancing the sense of security of the masses.

In 2019, the renovation of dilapidated houses in rural areas has been accelerated, and old rural houses have been transformed into kitchens, toilets, and "three reforms", ventilation and rain improvement, and the construction of well-off housing has been increasing.

Through comprehensive investigations, Guizhou has formed a household ledger for the remediation of 71,200 households. As of the end of November, the completion rate of the renovation was about 99.35%. Over the past year, 48,600 households have been renovated in the province's rural dilapidated houses, and 306,000 households have been renovated through ventilation and leakage in old rural houses. According to statistics, more than 3 million rural residents have realized their "living dreams" in the reconstruction of rural dilapidated houses in Guizhou.

At present, the drinking water safety project for the rural population in the province has been fully completed, with 3,351 projects completed, and basically all water has been passed, benefiting 2.754 million people. 530,000 sanitary toilets for rural households, 5,000 public sanitary toilets in rural areas, 260 tourist toilets, and 350 public sanitary toilets in urban communities were constructed and renovated throughout the province.

This year, Guizhou's poverty alleviation and relocation promotion has accelerated the process of urbanization, and 1.88 million people have completed the relocation and poverty alleviation. The rural poor who once "cannot afford one party on one side of the soil" farewell to the fate of poverty for generations and feel a steady happiness in their new home. At present, all parts of Guizhou are making further efforts to build the "five systems" of basic public services, training and employment services, cultural services, community governance, and grass-roots party building, and do their best to complete the "second half article" of poverty alleviation and relocation.

Next year, Guizhou will speed up the construction of education and medical facilities for ex-situ poverty alleviation and resettlement sites, make good use of high-quality resources in the east to help provinces and cities, increase housing security for urban residents in need, and consolidate the results of rural dilapidated houses reconstruction and old houses ventilated and leaked. At the same time, the minimum guarantee for urban and rural residents must be assured, and targeted help for the needy, the orphans, the disabled and other needy people in the urban and rural areas should be promoted with high quality through livelihood and practical measures. (Reporter Xiangying Ying)

Editor-in-chief: He Yingying

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