Three tourists drilled on Sanqingshan python peak were sentenced to pay 6 million yuan

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Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang, December 30th. Climbing the python peak located in the core scenic spot of Sanqingshan Mountain, a world natural heritage site, in a destructive way such as drilling with electric drills, rock nails, hanging ropes ... On the 30th, the Intermediate People's Court of Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province The first trial sentenced Zhang Mooming, Mao Mooming and other three men for intentionally damaging the python and civil public interest litigation. Two of them were sentenced and fined. Three of them jointly paid an environmental resource loss fee of 6 million yuan. Environmental protection and restoration of public ecology.

The investigator introduced that at 4 am on April 15, 2017, tourists Zhang Mooming, Mao Mooming, and Zhang Mou brought tools such as electric drills and rock nails to climb the giant python peak in Sanqingshan Scenic Area. Among them, Zhang Mouming first climbed. He used an electric drill to drill ropes on the "Monkey Peak" rock mass. Thereafter, Mao Mouming and Zhang Mou climbed to the top of "Monkey Peak". During the crime, the three were controlled by the police.

After an on-site investigation, Zhang Mouming scored 26 rock nails on "Monkey Peak." According to the expert's argument, the actions of these three people caused severe damage to the geomantic site of "Monkey Peak". After the incident, the Sanqingshan Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Shangrao City opened a case for investigation on three persons suspected of intentionally damaging places of interest. The procuratorial organs believe that the three of them climbed the python peak in a destructive manner, destroying the precious geological relics, and only criminal proceedings were not enough to make up for the damage to the public interest. On August 29, 2018, the Shangrao Procuratorate filed a civil public interest lawsuit with the Municipal Intermediate People's Court.

On the 30th, the Shangrao Intermediate People's Court sentenced Zhang Mooming, Mao Mooming, and Zhang to intentional damage to places of interest, and sentenced Zhang Mooming to one year in prison and six months to six months in prison Zhang was suspended for one month and suspended for one year. Zhang was exempted from criminal punishment, and was fined separately for Zhang and Ming, respectively. The three people were sentenced in the first instance of a civil public interest lawsuit against the destruction of natural monuments and sentenced to them in the national media. Published an announcement to apologize to the public and jointly compensate for the loss of environmental resources of 6 million yuan.

Sanqingshan Scenic Area is a world natural heritage site, a world geological park, and a national 5A-level scenic spot. The geomantic site of Jumangfeng is located in its core scenic area. It has important scientific research value and ornamental value after 300 million years of geological evolution.

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