Forbidden City "Spoiler" Forbidden City Key Activities for 600 Years

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Original title: 600 Years of Forbidden City "Spoiler" Forbidden City Key Activities

2020 is the 600th anniversary of the Forbidden City, and the 95th anniversary of the Palace Museum. The director of the Palace Museum Wang Xudong said on the 30th that the Palace Museum will offer a variety of cultural activities, including holding a series of academic seminars, publishing a series of research results, launching a series of fine exhibitions, organizing a series of public welfare activities, and making a series of promotion of the Palace Museum. Cultural film and television works, honoring a group of "Forbidden City People" who have made outstanding contributions.

According to reports, the Forbidden City will launch a series of exquisite exhibitions, themes covering ancient architecture, special calligraphy and painting, ancient utensils, Chinese and foreign civilization and other topics, will bring a new viewing experience for the audience. Among them, the "600 Years Exhibition of the Forbidden City" is based on more than 20 key years in the time axis of the 600 years, and through key events such as camping, transformation, and protection of the Forbidden City, it introduces changes in the city over the past 600 years and explains the Forbidden City as a palace building. The highest state of perfect combination of technology and art.

In the summer of 2020, the Forbidden City will also hold "Oasis Action-600 elementary students enter the Forbidden City" cultural public welfare activities, "Memory of the Forbidden City? Context 600 years-Cross-straits and Hong Kong, Macau 600 middle school students enter the Forbidden City" cultural exchange public welfare activities 5. The cultural public welfare activity of the "Forbidden City Couplet Theme Calligraphy Contest-600 Youths Entering the Forbidden City" will lead children to experience the charm of traditional culture at a close distance, broaden their knowledge horizons, stimulate patriotic enthusiasm, and enhance cultural self-confidence.

In addition, the Palace Museum will also design the 600-year commemorative sign of the Forbidden City, and issue 600-year commemorative vouchers, commemorative coins, and special stamps. (Reporter Shi Yucen)

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