Big data industry development, the third in the country, Guizhou handed over big data development answer sheet

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China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019

A blueprint to the end

The growth rate of the digital economy is the first in the country for four consecutive years

"When I came to Guizhou, I could think of ecology, summer heat, tourism, Maotai, Laoganma, etc. In recent years, Guizhou has heard another keyword with a high frequency-big data." National Industrial Information Security Development Li Xinshe, the deputy director of the research center, said at the Guizhou Station that the big data and real economy are deeply integrated in the country and the launch conference of Guizhou “Enterprises on the Cloud”.

"Big data and real economy in-depth integration of the National Bank of Guizhou Station and Guizhou Province's" Enterprise Shangyun "City and State Launch Conference"

If five years ago, Guizhou was just a blank page in the development of the digital economy, then today, the digital economy has become a new business card that Guizhou handed to the world.

And look at this annual answer sheet submitted by Guizhou: the online availability rate of provincial government service matters will reach 100% this year; 33.9% of industrial enterprises have realized the integration of big data and key business links; Guizhou ’s digital economic growth has ranked for four consecutive years No. 1 in the country; Big data contributes more than 20% to economic growth; 10 agricultural IoT bases have been built ... In recent years, Guizhou has vigorously promoted the integration of big data with all walks of life, injecting vitality and enhancement into high-quality development Motivation has opened up new paths and expanded space.

National Big Data (Guizhou) Comprehensive Experimental Zone Exhibition Center

In mid-December, the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center released the "2019 China Big Data Industry Development Report". The Guizhou Province's big data industry development index is 76, second only to Beijing and Guangdong, ranking third in the country.

In the "Top 100 Chinese Internet Enterprises" list in 2019, Guiyang Langma Information Co., Ltd. and Manbang Group once again made the list. Talking about the secrets of the rapid development of enterprises, Wang Jian, president of Guiyang Langma Information Co., frankly stood on the cusp of Guizhou's big data development and got on the fast track of digital economy development, and the company has achieved fission-like rapid development.

Longma Information Listed in "Top 100 Chinese Internet Companies"

Today, the digital economy has become an important growth point for Guizhou's high-quality development: the digital economy has ranked first in the country for four consecutive years, and the digital economy has increased employment growth for two consecutive years, which confirms that the digital economy's main industries are responsible for the province's economy. The contribution of the broader market is more prominent. From January to October, the province's software business revenue, electronic information manufacturing, total telecommunications business, and online retail sales increased by 22.6%, 15.5%, 86.3%, and 24.9%, respectively. This year, 52 major big data projects that were included in the provincial schedule were dispatched. The construction of the Apple iCloud China (Gui'an) data center was accelerated as planned. The progress of Huawei's data center exceeded 50%. The first phase of the Tencent data center was stable.

Behind all the remarkable achievements is the vivid practice of Guizhou in the new field of big data in recent years. In the starry big data, Guizhou has climbed to the peak, picked stars, and continued to share and develop big data to the world. "Guizhou wisdom" and "Guizhou model".

In-depth implementation of the "digital governance" battle

"One Cloud, One Network, One Platform" was commended by the State Council

Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued a circular on commending the typical experiences and practices found in the sixth major inspection of the State Council. Among the 16 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) involved in the field inspection, a total of 32 typical experiences have been listed in the circular. Guizhou Province co-ordinates the construction of "one cloud, one network, one platform" and enhances the effectiveness of the "One Netcom Office", which is Guizhou's in-depth promotion of the five major challenges of digital economy, digital governance, digital livelihood, digital facilities, and digital security. Power, the waves are surging.

Chen Shanshan, a citizen, works at a private enterprise. Because of the nature of her work, she often has a business trip, and every time she forgets her ID card, she can't stay in the hotel. Recently, Chen Shanshan downloaded the "Guizhou Colorful Colorful Cloud" app on the recommendation of a friend, and she can check in at the hotel through the electronic ID on the app.

"In addition to electronic ID cards, electronic driver's licenses, social security, and provident funds can be checked on the cloud colorful app in Guizhou anytime, anywhere, and electronic invoices can be issued, which is really convenient!" Said Chen Shanshan, "cloud colorful Guizhou colorful treasure" App is the window for our province to create the “One Netcom Office”. As the only portal of the mobile terminal of Guizhou government service network, the “Cloud Colorful Guizhou colorful treasure” APP has launched more than 600 various government affairs and livelihood high-frequency services, and the number of download users has exceeded With 16 million real-name active users and nearly 2.76 million, the cumulative service volume has exceeded 239 million times. It is the largest integrated Internet service platform in Guizhou.

Guizhou colorful treasure app on the cloud

Supporting this window is the "one cloud, one network, one platform" that Guizhou has tried to build on the data governance system. As a comprehensive platform for the provincial-level big data to serve the livelihood of the people, improve government governance capabilities, and promote the development of the big data industry, "one cloud, one network, one platform" is an important starting point for Guizhou to deepen the "decentralization of service" reform. A deeper level of promotion of government data "gathering general purpose" has created new support, allowing Guizhou to raise the level of government management, social governance and people's livelihood services to a new level and enter a new stage.

The "one cloud, one network, one platform" was completed and put into operation, and it is the best protagonist of Guizhou's in-depth implementation of "digital governance" in 2019. The completion of the platform means that Guizhou has become the only province in the country to realize the interconnection and interoperability of all government information systems in provinces, cities, and counties. Guizhou's "One Netcom Office" also received a statement from the State Council.

Promote the openness of data sharing and the innovation of data governance at the forefront of the country. Guizhou Province is firm and clear.

Big data development is at the forefront of the country

Experts and enterprises praise Guizhou frequently

Guizhou keeps the promise in mind, develops big data, and stands firm, with constant praise from companies and industry experts.

In 2019, more than 100 big data potential growth companies have chosen to take root in Guizhou, Qingdao Qidi settled in Anshun, Hikvision, Kuaishou, and Shulan Technology settled in Tongren, Qi Anxin, Langchao Group, Shenyang Software, Qi Lian Intelligent Technology and other companies settled in Qiannan.


High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Gui'an New District

The chairman of Inspur Group, Sun Yanshu, has participated in several “Digital Expos” in succession. Inspur has invested in “Guizhou on the Cloud” and has multi-industry industrial layout in Guizhou. "By developing big data, the spirit and spirit of Guizhou people have changed, and the development of big data in Guizhou has been affirmed." Sun Jishu praised that Guizhou is a typical model for the development of China's digital economy.

"I believe that the development of big data in Guizhou, in terms of top-level design, system guarantee, and development results, is very advanced." Zeng Yu, director of the China Internet Network Information Center, said at the sixth Wuzhen Internet Conference at the end of October that the current Guizhou The big data industry is booming, the policy environment has been further optimized, and the scale of the industry has continued to expand. "Guizhou's equipment manufacturing industry has a strong foundation. If big data and 5G are deeply integrated to guide the digital transformation of traditional equipment manufacturing industries, Guizhou's economic development will usher in rare development opportunities."

With the development of the big data industry, the accompanying data security and personal privacy protection have also attracted industry attention. Gao Peiyong, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, praised Guizhou's big data security legislation and personal privacy protection legislation. "In terms of big data security legislation, Guizhou is at the forefront of the country." Gao Peiyong said that the promulgation of a series of laws and regulations in Guizhou has created a good environment for the development of big data in an orderly manner and a digital economy. Guizhou's model is worthy of reference by the industry.

Gao Peiyong, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences praises Guizhou's big data security legislation

From "Gui Biao" to "Gui Ding"

High-quality talents can be expected in the future

"I used to work in Beijing, Shanghai, Australia and other places. I initially chose to come to Guiyang. My friends didn't quite understand. After inviting them to come to Guiyang to experience it on the ground, they were all surprised at the development of Guizhou in recent years." Guizhou Xiaoai Robot Technology The general manager of the company, Lu Xiaoling, said that she had changed from "guifu" to "guiding".

Little Love Robot

There are many people like Lu Xiaoling in Guizhou. When talking about Guizhou, the backward economy has made people discouraged. Now, walking in Guiyang Hi-tech Zone, you may think that you are in the north, the north, the south, and the north of Guangzhou. There are glass curtain walls of office buildings, beautiful walking paths, and white-collar workers standing shoulder to shoulder.

"Because of the big data, a group of companies have grown up in Guizhou, and the pits in Guizhou's" talent depression "are being filled up little by little." Luo Peng, co-president and CEO of Manga Group, said that there are more and more Many people are willing to come to Guizhou and change from "North Drift" to "Gui Drift" and from "Gui Drift" to "Gui Ding".

Guizhou introduces talents around the talent needs of key industries, and improves the green card function for high-level talents. It provides more preferential policies and services for cardholders in 12 public services such as housing and settlement, and attracts talents and retains talents. The social atmosphere in Guizhou that encourages innovation and tolerates failure is becoming stronger and stronger, and it is forming a phenomenon of "expensive drift" that has attracted national attention.

This year, the Wharton Institute of Economic Research released the "Top 100 Chinese Cities in 2019" in Shanghai, and Guiyang is on the list. Such changes are inseparable from the development of big data in Guizhou. The digital expo held in Guiyang in May each year has become a high-tech exhibition of domestic and international attention, and Guiyang has become the "China Valley"; high-tech Internet giants such as Apple, Ali, Tencent and Huawei have landed in Guizhou. In the tide of big data development, stand out and stir up the waves.

"When you look at the sea and sky from a distance, it is when the light boat breaks the waves." Keeping in mind Yin Yin's entrustment, and writing an endeavor answer sheet, Guizhou will carry the banner of big data development, make the big data business card brighter, and achieve new and greater achievements in the new era.

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